A Better Way to Clean with Reviive

You may not realise it, but every morning when you shower and wash your hair and body, you are exposing yourself to toxic chemicals that are being absorbed into your skin, an organ that is better than your digestive system at absorbing things.

These toxins are in the shampoo, conditioners and the body washes that we all use. All packed full of synthetic chemicals that can quickly get into your blood.

All these products that we have in our own bathrooms are not vetted by any governing body. Which means that the dozens and dozens of products that the majority of women, men and children use, shampoos, toothpaste, could be doing you harm.

What are these chemicals?
One of the biggest bad boys out there has to be Sodium Laurel Sulphate. This is found in plenty of different products and gives that soapy suds effect that many of us equate with being clean. This certainly isn’t the case. You don’t have to have a mouth (or head) full of bubbles to be clean. Fluoride is another one to look for and is the ingredient used in our toothpaste. There are many studies out there now about the effects of fluoride on our body so it’s well worth educating ourself on harmful ingredients used in our every day personal care products.

Fragrance is something that is also added into beauty and skin care products, and whilst they may make it smell great, they are not doing your health and your skin any good.
If you knew that something was dangerous for you, wouldn’t you avoid it? Check out the labels on your most commonly used products, and prepare to be surprised by what you may find.
That is why we created Reviive. An alternative to these chemical packed products that so many of us use; our Reviive line eliminates all the chemicals and toxins, bringing people a range of benefits, as well as revive their body and cells. All certified organic ingredients have been used that have been tested as hypoallergenic, this making it safe to be used by the whole family, young or old.

Our Products
The Reviive toothpaste is a natural toothpaste, it doesn’t contain chemical ingredients that are seen in other toothpastes, yet is still able to give you the gloriously clean teeth that you crave. It is free from sodium lauryl sulphate and is fluoride free. Revive toothpaste uses naturally-mild abrasives such as calcium carbonate and hydrated silica to keep teeth sparkling and white. All without having an impact on your health. It also isn’t abrasive, taking care of your teeth and making sure that you have a smile that you are proud to show off. Certified organic peppermint essential oil and vanilla, naturally flavour the toothpaste.

With the Reviive you can eliminate the toxic chemicals in your everyday products one product at a time. We are proud to have developed a range of products that are designed to awaken your body and give your skin the helping hand that it needs.

One of the main ways that it does this is with the key ingredients that feature in many of our products. First of all, the Reviive body wash contains white tea, which gives your skin a shield to protect it against anything that the day may throw at it. White tea has also been recognised for its anti-agin properties and helps maintain healthy skin. The high amount of antioxidants it contains will make your skin look young and it will help to boost cardiovascular health and protects your skin from sun damage.
Next it contains Blue Lupine, which has a whole host of benefits to our hair, restoring shine, moisture and helping to treat split ends. It also provides a water-soluble protein and beneficial peptides that improve the skins elasticity. Similarly, the coconut that is found in the Revive Conditioner coats the hair and the scalp with the wonder product that is coconut oil. Giving your hair moisture without making it greasy.

Our products are all about total health and wellness. Making sure that your body is healthy inside and out. They are safe for all the family to use, and contain no synthetic fragrances or ingredients, which uplift us and give us a beautiful clean feeling too!
What could be better than that?

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